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Rollins Search Group, Inc. is a recruiting firm specializing in permanent placement within the insurance industry for candidates with experience in actuarial and insurance information systems. Companies utilize Rollins Search Group for the hiring of candidate with experience in exclusively those areas. Through Rollins Search Group's affiliations and personal relationships with industry experts, we have established a premier recruiting firm.

What companies expect from us in the candidates we present to them:

  • Candidates who have proven their actuarial expertise in the workplace.
  • Someone whose actuarial exam passings have kept pace with their number of years of experience.
  • Someone who has shown stability in employment by not changing jobs frequently.
  • Someone who has shown increased responsibility.
  • Someone who has their citizenship or permanent residency allowing them to work in the United States.
  • Someone who can communicate well in today's environment.

Rollins Search Group places a special emphasis on personal relationships combined with the use of technology to bring the best companies to candidates and the best candidates to companies. This approach, combined with our personalized professional recruiting efforts brings you a top notch recruiting organization. Rollins Search Group tracks and sources the best. Our success formula has been providing candidates with employers that can meet their long term growth and career objectives while at the same time providing companies with extremely well qualified long term employees meeting their own specific needs. We strive for the long term marriage and synergy that presents both parties with the formula for successful in an ever changing business environment.

We believe that a good match means everyone comes out a winner. Rollins Search Group works to make that happen. We spend extra time up front to qualify the company and qualify the candidate so that great matches are made. It makes absolutely no sense just to send people out on interviews just for interviewing sake. It is only when true desires are derived, sought after, and successfully matched between candidates and companies that a solid employee/employer relationship is born.

Careers are made, they do not just happen. It gives us great pride to be a part of that process.

Yours truly,
Jay Rollins, President


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